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Our most versatile monitoring unit

The SmartHub is developed specifically for the automotive industry and is used to read data from vehicles/charging stations / or any other technical device by using different input sources. These input sources can be CAN-bus, RS485, GPS input, Digital inputs, Analog Inputs.
The data can be processed in the unit and sent to a cloud server via the cellular network or Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connection.

The SmartHub is always online to guarantee continuous monitoring and to prevent data loss. Depending on the application, calculated results can be sent back from the cloud server to the hardware unit and can be communicated back to the connected device. This can be done via CAN bus, RS485, digital outputs or analog outputs.

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Real time energy manager

Maxem is mounted inside your fusebox cabinet where it continuously measures the grid connection, home energy use and for example your solar power yield. Based on this Maxem controls your charge point for your car in such a way that you never use too much power.

A ChargePoint without Maxum is not able to check how much your home energy use is and thus charges on a slow low power mode to avoid overloading your fuses. With Dynamic Load Balancing, Maxem controls the charging process of your electric car. Therefore, your grid connection requires no upgrade, while still having all the safety against overload. With Maxem Plus and Maxem Pro, specially suited for offices and large chargeparks, you can control multiple chargepoints.

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